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We are excited to welcome you back for the 10th annual CIOarena SoCal conference on December 13th 2023 in Irvine. CIOarena is host to 75+ local IT leaders and management. Our platform strikes the perfect balance between business and pleasure, giving attendees the opportunity to form strategic relationships in a conducive and un-guarded environment.

CIOarena promotes transformational leadership by providing attendees access to the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions; necessary for maintaining a competitive advantage. The insights and best practices shared by our renowned industry experts will guide you in the right direction and the knowledge you walk away can be integrated into your role quickly. As an exclusive invitation-only event, all invited guests have no cost to attend. 

The accommodating single-track agenda is designed with the busy professional in mind. We deliver high value within a reasonable time frame; no frills nor gimmicks. Content is contributed by highly-respected local IT execs, and our industry experts. The event also includes a buffet breakfast, a buffet lunch, peer-to-peer networking, a prize raffle and a small number of vendor exhibits. CIOarena selectively partners with only a handful of vendors in order to bring the 'best-of-the-best' to the table, but also ensure total comfort and quality for our audience. Top-tier hotels add a touch of a class and an exclusive feel to the day. Venue location is shared for each event in the months prior to the scheduled event date but are generally held in the metro of the host city.

All attendees are local to the Southern California metro area, thus enabling you to boost your career by developing strategic relationships within your community, meanwhile comparing and contrasting the successes and pitfalls across various industries and disciplines.

CIOarena SoCal

December 13th 2023

9:00am - 2:30pm

Venue TBA (Irvine, CA)


CIOarena is an invitation-only event. If you have not been formally invited by one of our staff, please complete the registration form to be considered for attendance. If you received an invite code or were referred by colleague/peer, please input that information in the form. Completing this form does not guarantee you a seat at CIOarena until a member of our team has contacted you with a confirmation email.

In order to maintain our exclusivity and provide the best experience, all registrations are screened by our delegate acquisition team for relevance and qualifications. We ask that all registrants meet the following criteria at minimum:

  • Must bear an IT/tech-related title or responsiblity
  • Must NOT have a title in sales, marketing, consulting, etc
  • Must be in an IT management role
  • No self-employed single person companies
  • All of the above must be true to attend
  • Why Attend?